An NFT staking platform and marketplace for all. Guaranteed high yields and the lowest transaction fees.

About Us

Vault coin is a NFT staking platform in the Bitgert network that allows NFT owners to stake their NFTs and earn staking rewards at the same time they are able to trade the staked NFT asset in the Vault marketplace. The platform will use its own token $VTC to use for the buying and selling of NFTs on our marketplace. The token will also be used for the staking rewards of NFTs that are being staked.

Our mission is to tap into the immerse potential of NFT assets providing new utility and converting it into the metaverse to attract more the larger fan base of followers and fans. The project inteneds to develop a cryptocurrency that would be both accessible and affordable for the vast majority of decentralized market participants

Our vision is to develop products that can be adopted by crypto enthusiasts. We are determined to deliver the highest quality platform on the market. The products that we are going to develop is just the beginning of a new era for NFTs and blockchain.


Lowest Fees

With only 1.5%  marketplace fee

Stake-mint contract

A new bread of NFT staking contract

Token Burning System

A burning mechanism that will ensure the stability and longevity of the $VTC token


Vault Coin’s official NFT collection

Kunoichi NFT is a status symbol and prestige in our community. Our value expands far wider than just being an avatar-NFT in the digital world, for we are a movement bringing social awareness on racism and bullying. Owning one is a proof of being part of the leading social club shaping the future with NFT in the WORLD. We are more than just a NFT alone, for our value is based on how much impact we bring, as a community, inside and outside of crypto and unto our society.

message From the founder

Eric - Founder/CEO of Vault Coin

"As we move to the to future with the mass adoption of blockchain technology along with cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse. The vault coin team is determined to be one of the top projects in the space. Developing projects that can compete with a high level of prestige. We face the future with optimism and determination delivering our mission. With Vault coin we open endless possibilities using blockchain technology, NFTs and the Metaverse."

Partners & advisors